October 8, 2023

Equality for Flatbush (E4F) stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine as they fight for their liberation from a genocidal Zionist apartheid state. As a majority, Black Caribbean migrant women organization, we know that there is NO equal sign between oppressor and oppressed. No equal sign between landlords & tenants or BIPOC & the NYPD.

This is NOT “conflict” . This is about the brutal occupation of Palestine for the last 75 years . This is about land theft and usurpation, cultural appropriation, xenophobic racist hate, and dehumanizing state-sanctioned violence & murder under systemic apartheid. As Black people, we know, there cannot be a call for “Peace “ until there is Justice !

As we fight to stop police murders and displacement caused by the gentrification of Brooklyn, NY , we will continue to support the Palestinian Resistance Movement until Palestine is FREE !

#longlivepalestine #honorthemartyrsofpalestine #BlackLivesforPalestine #isrealoutofgaza