Affordable Housing


Equality for Flatbush believes housing should be a right, NOT a privilege!  This is why we organize tenants -rent-stabilized and un-regulated – to fight against harassment and displacement.  We partner with and support the campaigns tenant rights groups across the city.  We also compile information in order to connect Brooklyn residents to reliable housing and legal resources.  We believe that all of us –   low-to-middle income, long-time and new residents, people of color and white people – have a stake in the urgent struggle to save affordable housing in Brooklyn.

Let’s help get Ada into safe, new housing!

Ada is a Black Trans makeup artist who needs support to find a new place to live.



#OurHomesAreNotForSale #BeforeItsgone #TakeitBack #BrooklynIsNotForSale


If you are a Brooklyn resident who is experiencing tenant or police harassment/repression please contact us immediately:
In English: (646) 820-6039
En Español: (862) 438-5060
En Kréyol: (646) 801-3032
In Chinese: (929) 314-1292

2273 Church Avenue
POB# 260123
Brooklyn, NY 11226

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