Equality for Flatbush believes housing should be a right, not a privilege!

Affordable Housing

Equality for Flatbush believes housing should be a right, NOT a privilege! This is why we organize tenants – rent-stabilized and un-regulated – to fight against harassment and displacement. We partner with and support the campaigns tenant rights groups across the city. We also compile information in order to connect Brooklyn residents to reliable housing and legal resources. We believe that all of us – low-to-middle income, long-time and new residents, people of color and white people – have a stake in the urgent struggle to save affordable housing in Brooklyn.

If you are a Brooklyn residential or commercial tenant, or homeowner experiencing harassment or need housing, legal or organizing resources, contact us below.


Below is a compiled list of tenant, homeowner, legal and community resources

Housing Resources

20 Facts that every Brooklyn tenant should know 2021 (English, Spanish, Kreyol (2019))

Housing Connect: Portal to find and apply for affordable rental and homeownership opportunities

Supportive Housing Resources

Tenants Inspection Check List

The Rent Law of 2021

Summary of How Landlords do buyouts (Shortened)
Step by Step on How landlords do Buy Outs (Full Version)

A Landlord’s guide to use surveillance cameras

Met Council of Housing NYC Tenant Help and FAQ

JustFixNYC: Request repairs/issues letters of complaint, learn about the process of taking your landlord to housing court, research property owner, respond to an eviction notice, and get full rent history



If you are a BROOKLYN residential or commercial TENANT or HOMEOWNER experiencing harassment or need housing, legal or organizing resources please contact us at:

In English: B4G@equalityforflatbush.org or (646)820-6039
En Español: EnEspanol@equalityforflatbush.org or (732)641-3923
En Kréyol: EnKreyol@equalityforflatbush.org or (929)244-0885


If you are a Brooklynite that needs free grocery/supply deliveries, tenant/rent-strike or police accountability organizing support, and other forms of material aid please can text, call, or email us at the numbers above. Visit our resources page as well.


If you are a #Brooklyn resident that has been stopped, harassed, detained, or brutalized by the police - PLEASE contact Equality for Flatbush to document it, obtain legal resources and/ or political support at policework@equalityforflatbush.org or call the numbers above.


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