While Fighting Deed Theft and Fraud, Caribbean Family of 13 are Illegally Locked out of the Home They Have Lived in for 26 years. The family urgently needs your help!

#STOP EMIGRANT BANK from illegally selling off #Flatbush Community Leader, Victoria Stennett’s home!

Fighting gentrification & holding police accountable

Fighting gentrification & holding police accountable

Equality for Flatbush (E4F) is a Black/POC-led, grassroots organization which does police accountability, affordable housing and anti-gentrification/anti-displacement organizing in Brooklyn, NY especially in the neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Flatbush and East Flatbush. Founded in June 2013, E4F is a Black Lives Matter (BLM) group that believes in the abolition of the police, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and prisons.

Created as a direct response to the increase in tenant and police harassment due to gentrification, we have only two goals: to end NYPD murders and to stop the displacement of low-to-middle income people from Brooklyn, NY. We organize our communities for social change and justice through street outreach, social media campaigns, as well as political and direct action.

#BeforeItsGone #TakeItBack #BrooklynIsNOTforSale #AbolishThePolice


Our sincerest apologies. Equality for Flatbush (E4F) closed down all of our #BrooklynShowsLove food distribution, financial and mutual aid work on October 31, 2021 .

Here are 31 pages of info about food pantries, community fridges , mutual aid groups, housing , employment, legal , etc resources across NYC that we have compiled : https://bit.ly/BKShowsLoveResourceList

Also please check Equality for Flatbush’s Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest info about weekly community fridge stockings, food, coats and toys distributions in Brooklyn.

Police/ICE Accountability Work


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Equality for Flatbush stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and in resistance to settler colonial occupation. As an organization created by and for BIPOC who face the daily threat of state-sanctioned land theft, violence and displacement , we recognize the way that language has been used to mask the violence that our communities face. In Brooklyn, the language of a “rent dispute” or “quality of life issue” can unleash police brutality on our communities. In Sheikh Jarrah, the language of “property disputes” is used to describe the way that colonial settlers, often from the United States, violently force Palestinain people from their homes.

The violence and attempted displacement of entire communities such as Sheikh Jarrah during the Spring and Summer of 2021 is but another instance in the long history of attempts to remove the Palestinian people from their land. We condemn the United States government’s support for Israel’s state violence through funds, weapons, and training of their police and military forces. We recognize that the United States was built as a settler-colonial project which killed and stole from indigenous people, and we acknowledge how those tactics reverberate in current events.

We are working toward a world where the human rights to housing, healthcare, and safety are recognized for all, not only those who benefit from oppressive systems. We stand in solidarity with others working against apartheid, racism, colonization, and imperialism, in Palestine, Brooklyn, and beyond.



If you are a BROOKLYN residential or commercial TENANT or HOMEOWNER experiencing harassment or need housing, legal or organizing resources please contact us at:

In English: B4G@equalityforflatbush.org or (646)820-6039
En Español: EnEspanol@equalityforflatbush.org or (732)641-3923
En Kréyol: EnKreyol@equalityforflatbush.org or (929)244-0885

If you are a #Brooklyn resident that has been stopped, harassed, detained, or brutalized by the police - PLEASE contact Equality for Flatbush to document it, obtain legal resources and/ or political support at policework@equalityforflatbush.org or call the numbers above.


2273 Church Avenue
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