2020 has been a challenging year. In Brooklyn, the ramifications of COVID-19 continue to disproportionately devastate our community, while compounding pre-existing struggles with racism, housing injustice, food insecurity, police repression, and rampant displacement due to gentrification.

Yet, the people of Brooklyn continue to demonstrate their resilience in the face of this global pandemic. As you know, #BROOKLYNWEGOHARD, and in 2020, we have proudly experienced incredible word-of-mouth resource sharing by Brooklynites to make sure their buildings and blocks receive groceries, masks, and toilet paper from community mutual aid projects. We have seen tenants organizing rent strikes and eviction defense to keep themselves and their neighbors in their homes. We have experienced an unprecedented uprisings demanding that law enforcement in the US be defunded to stop the widespread police murders of Black and Brown people.

Help us reach our goal to raise $20K to make 1000 more deliveries by January 15, 2021.

2020 has been a glaring example of how the US government, both locally and federally, puts making a profit over the lives and well-being of the people, offering nothing more than empty promises for rent relief, stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, etc., all the while setting into motion policies that devastate low-to-middle income people. As we now step into 2021, there are thousands of Brooklynites who are on the brink of losing it all. What does this mean? It means that it is on us, Brooklynites, along with all New Yorkers, do what is in our power to fight racial and economic injustice. We must stop displacement, deportations, and police murders in Brooklyn. It means that we can only count on ourselves, our movement, our neighbors, and our people for social change and justice. No one is coming to save us.

Equality for Flatbush is a Black Lives Matter group who for the last 7 years has been on the frontlines fighting against gentrification , displacement and police violence in Brooklyn, NY. In March of this year, in response to COVID pandemic we launched our #BrooklynShowsLove Mutual Aid Project to provide free, non-perishable food, household essentials, COVID-19 supplies and other forms of material aid to Brooklynites. To date, we have galvanized over 850 community members who have made tremendous contributions to make 1,540 deliveries of in over 30 Brooklyn Neighborhoods. In October in 2020 E4F opened the BKSL Food and Supply and Distribution Center in order to expand the project in preparation for the second wave of COVID-19 in 2021.

Given all of the unknowns that 2021 holds, we urgently need support from community change-makers like you so that we can make sure that we can continue to support our neighbors and that we as Brooklynites can continue to support each other through these uncertain times. Again, #BROOKLYNWEGOHARD!

Let’s stand together and enter the new year strong. Join the #BROOKLYNWEGOHARD campaign. Help us raise $20K to make 1000 more deliveries by January 15th. In addition to collecting monetary donations, E4F looks to secure 100 more volunteers to help assemble and/or deliver 5-7 bags of quality-brand, dietary-specific groceries items. If you’ve been thinking about how best to define this year, now’s your chance to create an ever-lasting legacy. Here’s your opportunity to invest in your community, strengthen your fellow neighbor, and SHOW LOVE TO BROOKLYN.


For more information or questions, please contact Christopher Thompson, director of development at chris@equalityforflatbush.org



If you are a BROOKLYN residential or commercial TENANT or HOMEOWNER experiencing harassment or need housing, legal or organizing resources please contact us at:

In English: B4G@equalityforflatbush.org or (646)820-6039
En Español: EnEspanol@equalityforflatbush.org or (732)641-3923
En Kréyol: EnKreyol@equalityforflatbush.org or (929)244-0885

If you are a #Brooklyn resident that has been stopped, harassed, detained, or brutalized by the police - PLEASE contact Equality for Flatbush to document it, obtain legal resources and/ or political support at policework@equalityforflatbush.org or call the numbers above.


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