Equality for Flatbush defines ‘gentrification’ as a concerted, deliberate effort to price out low-to-middle income residents from neighborhoods by city government, corporations, real estate developers, and landlords in favor of renting, selling, and catering to people of higher and/or more flexible incomes. We see gentrification as an intersectional issue that is deeply connected to the ways that race, class, gender, sexuality, gender identity, age, ability, nation of origin, immigration status, physical and mental capacity, etc. impact individuals and our communities.

We know from first-hand experience that the same unscrupulous property owners who use tactics to force long-time older tenants of color out of their rent-stabilized apartments will turn around and illegally overcharge incoming younger white tenants for the same apartment.

For this very reason, we believe that all of us-long-time and new residents, communities of color and white communities, low-income and middle-class people – have a stake in the urgent struggle to save affordable housing in Brooklyn.

If you are a BROOKLYN residential or commercial TENANT or HOMEOWNER

experiencing  harassment or need housing, legal or organizing resources   

please contact us at: or call /text (646)820-6039

En Español: (513) 445-8532

En Kréyol: (707) 200-3692


COME OUT to a Community Rally to #SAVEAmericanStar on Sunday, April 8th 1pm-3pm

1386 St Johns Place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for Mr. Kamara & all small businesses fighting displacement in #Brooklyn 

To endorse the rally: Please contact us at: or call /text (646)820-6039

Also Please Sign & Circulate Widely: Petition to #SaveAmericanStar Hardware Store, a fixture in the Crown Heights, Brooklyn community for over 20 years !!

For over a year Mr. Mohammed Kamara, a small business owner has been in a legal battle with his landlord, Pastor Denzil Vaughn of Lanney Leonard Shand to stop the eviction and displacement of his store. American Star Hardware has been located at 1386 St Johns Place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for over 20 years.

In February 2018, 674 people throughout New York City and across the country came together to raise $25,322 to help Mr. Mohammed Kamara, buy the building and save his business. Despite this tremendous community effort and securing a financial investor, Mr. Kamara’s landlords, Pastor Denzil Vaughan and Lanney Leonard Shand Trust are refusing to allow Mr. Kamara to buy the building and save his business from displacement. 

Tell Pastor Denzil Vaughn & Lanney Leonard Shand Trust to DO THE RIGHT THING and sell the building at 1386 St Johns Place to Mr. Kamara! Crown Heights is one of the most rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods in Brooklyn, with one of the highest rates of evictions and closures of small long-time businesses. Large real estate developers want nothing more than Pastor Denzil Vaughn of Lanney Leonard Shand Trust to sell the building to them, in order to build yet another towering hi-rise full of luxury condos. The only way to stop the rapid gentrification of Brooklyn is for us as a community to come together to stop the displacement of residents and small businesses like American Star Hardware Store We, the community are calling on Pastor Denzil Vaughn of Lanney Leonard Shand Trust to DO THE RIGHT THING and sell 1386 St Johns Place to Mr. Kamara. 

Here is the GO FUND ME fundraising campaign created by Mr. Kamara’s neighbors:

#SaveAmericanStar #WeLoveAmericanStar #WeLoveMrKamara #BrooklynIsNotforSale #CrownHeightsIsNotforSale #LanneyLeonardShandTrust #PastorDenzilVaughn

For Immediate Release : January 4th 2018

Reina Seedarnee  646.284.6893 Email:

60 Turner Place Tenant Association Victory!

Infamous Racist Herchin Ablai Removed as Building Superintendent

After more than a decade of struggle the 60 Turner Place Tenant Association has achieved a major victory by getting their notorious racist body camera toting building super Herchin Ablai fired. According to a letter from ADI Management, Ablai who was known for harassing Black tenants, will no longer be the building super as of January 1st, 2018 and is being replaced by a new super.

In a letter to the tenants, management states that Ablai has decided “to retire based on his health concerns and the psychological pressure he has been under for the past few years.”

“We know that the so-called “psychological pressure”  is due to the hundreds of people who have called ADI management, signed the petition calling for the super to be fired,” according to Reina Seedarnee and other 60 Turner Place tenant leaders. “In fact, we know it was our November 11th direct action against tenant harassment that finally got Herchin Ablai out the door.”

“It is interesting that management never introduced him when he came to 60 Turner Place, but now find it fitting to pen a letter regretting to inform the same tenants who Ablai has taunted, harassed, called names, recorded, lied upon, stole from, and bullied” said Hazel Duke, 60 Turner Place tenant leader.  “The tenants of 60 Turner Place are the ones that have actually suffered psychological damage. Whenever Ablai went on vacation, the tenants report that the feeling in the building was one of “freedom” and that they could breathe a sigh of relief. Tenants report that they feel like they have been under a regime, and have been oppressed.”

Widely known and documented are several incidents tenant harassment at 60 Turner Place over the years including:

  • Ablai and ADI Management driving out long-term tenants, especially targeting tenants of color

  • Ablai telling several tenants of color that “I will get all you Black people out of here”

  • Ablai was overheard gloating to another resident, “One by One, One by One”, as a long-term African American tenant was getting the last of her things from the building

  • One family of color had to obtain a restraining order against Herchin Ablai, after he purposely locked their children in the laundry room

  • Ablai was overheard telling others to give the Black people the cheap stuff when they needed work done in their apartments

  • Several tenants of color have obtained police reports stemming from incidents with Ablai

  • When repairs needed to be done, he was overheard telling the workers in the building, “I don’t care, it’s not important”

  • Gas leaks were not taken seriously. In one particular case, several members of his family showed up on the floor. One said it was not gas, but rather the garbage in the incinerator room. The other, so convinced it was carbon monoxide, even told the fire chief he did not smell gas, he smelled carbon monoxide. Ablai had placed tenants lives at risk on more than one occasion

  • Ablai had a physical altercation with a worker

“There are so many more incidents and stories. The tenants of 60 Turner Place will not put up with any more of these shenanigans,” said Hazel Duke, “ADI management/Double A Property Associates was responsible for this reign of terror.”

The 60 Turner Place tenants want to thank the community for supporting them, for all the phone calls, emails  and letters made and sent to management, and for coming out to join them in their direct actions.


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BEFORE IT’S GONE // TAKE IT BACK: Documenting Brooklyn – Fighting Gentrification (B4G)  is a Brooklyn-wide neighborhood and web-based response to the crisis of gentrification of Brooklyn, NY. *

This website is a way for every day New Yorkers to tell their stories about was happening to them right now, on the ground. This is the place to share pictures and videos of OUR BROOKLYN. For us to meet your family – birth and chosen. It is the place to tell the stories about what it was like to grow up in Brooklyn or when you first arrived from Haiti, Bangladesh, Puerto Rico, Italy, Korea or wherever else. We want your footage of Old-Timers events in Red Hook, Brownsville and Bushwick. We want you to post pictures from your Quinceañeras, bar/bat mitzvahs, high school graduations, weddings, baby showers, Brooklyn LGBTQ Pride and Lunar New Year celebrations. This is the site that CELEBRATES the cultural, racial, ethnic, linguistic, social and economic diversity of #Brooklyn. #BeforeItsGone #TakeItBack

To Learn More : B4G Talking Points 2017

Create or update your profile TODAY on the 1st-ever social media platform dedicated to celebrating life in #Brooklyn and resisting #gentrification :

Our main goals are to:

  1. Organize “No Eviction Zones” throughout Brooklyn – block by block, building by building
  2. Maintain the 1st ever social media platform to resist gentrification by amplifying the stories of low-to-middle income Brooklyn residents
  3. Provide vital legal, housing and community organizing resources to help keep Brooklyn residents in their homes and small businesses in our communities

B4G 2017 Statistics:

E4F receives between 1-4 calls/emails/Facebook messages a day from residents requesting housing, legal, or community organizing referrals.

  • In 2017, we conducted 45 formal intakes with homeowners, small business owners, and tenants – including NYCHA, unregulated, rent-stabilized, and rent-controlled tenants – who expressed interest in engaging in a B4G campaign

  • 25 of the 45 intakes (56%) led to either a B4G “No Eviction Zone” public campaign or an E4F private attorney taking their case

  • These 45 residents lived across 12 Brooklyn neighborhoods: Bedford-Stuyvesant/Clinton Hill, Bensonhurst, Canarsie, Crown Heights, Cypress Hill/Brownsville, East Flatbush, East New York, Flatbush, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Sunset Park, and Williamsburg.  E4F also conducted 2 campaigns for tenants living in The Lower East Side and Queens, NY .


Equality for Flatbush is a grassroots resident-led, volunteer-based organization that currently does not have a full-time staff or an office.


Tenant Work: 

Individual Tenants/Households:

  • E4F provided a Private Lawyer and/or Community Organizing Campaign for 12 individual rent-stabilized, NYCHA and unregulated  tenants or households in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Crown Heights, East Flatbush, East New York, Flatbush and Sunset Park as well as a tenant living in NYCHA housing in the Lower East Side and a rent-stabilized tenant living in Queens, NY.

  • 4 out of the 12 individual tenants or households were unregulated, meaning they have little legal protection against eviction under New York State law.

  • Through a private attorney and legal intern, E4F began legally representing and conducting interviews of clients of a supportive housing program who were being targeted for eviction by a predatory landlord

Tenant Associations/Building-wide Organizing of Rent-Stabilized Tenants:

  • In 2017, E4F engaged in tenant organizing in approximately 23 historically rent-stabilized buildings in Brooklyn.  

  • We helped to create or have supported the work of 15 Tenant Associations in 2017.

  • E4F organized or supported the work of 4 “Tenant Congresses”, where 2 or more Tenant Associations were fighting the same landlord/management company.

  • As of 12/29/2017, E4F is working with 10 Tenant Associations and is in the process of organizing 3 more. 7 of out 10 of these tenant associations are currently engaged in or in the process of filing a legal action against their landlord


  • As of 12/29/2017, E4F is working on legal and/or community organizing campaigns on the behalf of 9 Homeowners in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of East Flatbush, East New York, Bed-stuy and Prospect Heights

  • 7 of the 9 Homeowners are seeking damages or fighting displacement due to real estate developers

  • All 9 Homeowners are Black or Latinx identified

Small Businesses:

  • To date, E4F has won the renewal of 3 commercial leases through private negotiation and/or community campaigns. We have also made several legal referrals, as well as provided free or low-cost legal representation to 1 small business and 1 Community Garden in Brooklyn.

  • In 2017, E4F provided legal or community organizing support for 5 long-time small business owners, 1 Merchant Association and 1 Community Garden. These business entities were located in the neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Flatbush, Park Slope and East New York

Here are also the current E4F Working Groups/Teams to Join:

Please contact us at : or (646) 820-6039. Please feel free to join our B4G Volunteers gogglegroups in the meantime:


New #EqualityforFlatbush Video #ThisIsFlatbush : Fighting Back Against the Corporate Rebranding of Flatbush, Brooklyn #ThisIsFlatbush #FlatbushForever #LittleCaribbean  #Beforeitsgone  #TakeItBack ​ #BrooklynisNotforSale

B4G sticker sightings:
Just a saw a #BeforeItsgone Sticker ???

Please TAKE A PICTURE &  Post it to social media using #beforeitsgone hashtag  OR  send the picture to or text (646)820-6039

Equality for Flatbush Action Alert: 3/9/2018
Please SHARE and DONATE to stop the Brown family from being evicted from their apartment! They fell on hard times and now are several months behind on the rent.
Shamane is living with her daughter in a one bedroom apartment in Bed-Stuy.  Her daughter is going to school and working to contribute to rent. Shamane is actively searching for employment but it has been very difficult because of the strict regiment she is on to take care of her diabetes.  
The landlord has given them until March 19th to raise 5,168 dollars and they need your help!! Please spread the word! No donation is too small!

After burying their father/ grandfather, Tenants of Slumlord Isaac Pollack come home to NO electricity

Equality for Flatbush learned on Saturday, 2/24/18 that a family at 104/110 Empire Blvd came home to find that they had no electricity in their apartment even though their CON EDISON bill was paid. (pictures attached)

The family can home on Saturday after being away for the funeral services of their father/grandfather to find that all the electricity was off in the apartment. Their elderly father/grandfather lived in the apartment for 45 years and family members had moved in over a year ago specifically to take care him.

Once their father/ grandfather, became very ill, Isaac Pollack began an eviction proceeding against him. The next court date is set for early March. STAY TUNED for potential details!

CON EDISON came out to 104/110 Empire Blvdon Sunday afternoon and turned the power on and stated “that it was turned off manually by someone who had access to the basement. “

To get involved in the campaign to arrest Isaac Pollack CONTACT: OR Call 646.820.6039 #ArrestIsaacPollack #NoEvictionZone #MYNYCLANDLORD #TenantsFightBack#BLACKLIVESMATTER #Beforeitsgone #TakeitBack

BEFORE IT’S GONE // TAKE IT BACK: Documenting Brooklyn – Fighting Gentrification (B4G) is the Brooklyn-wide anti-gentrification campaign of Equality for Flatbush

#ArrestIsaacPollack #NoEvictionZone #MYNYCLANDLORD #TenantsFightBack #BLACKLIVESMATTER #Beforeitsgone #TakeitBack

Ways you can support Equality for Flatbush’s #ArrestIsaacPollackCampaign

*Support the Heat & Hot Water Action Alert from The 332 Rutland Ave Tenants Association: Demand that Issac Pollack provide adequate heat & hot water for the building 24 hours a day. All winter long heat and hot water have been sporadic and inconsistent at 332 Rutland Road especially between 12 am to 8 am. Report Slumlord Isaac Pollack to 311: Call 311 or Complain Online:

*Please continue to sign and circulate the petition demanding Isaac Pollack hire a super for 332 Rutland Road

*FLOOD Isaac Pollack with CALLS at (347) 680.5393 & DEMAND he provides adequate heat & hot water as well as hire a super IMMEDIATELY!

COME OUT to Court on March 8th & Stand with The 332 Rutland Road Tenants Association in their fight to win a super and repairs for their building. Wear your #BrooklynIsNOTforSale or #DefendBrooklyn T-shirts or wear Black 9:30 am 141 Livingston St. Brooklyn, NY 11237

*COME OUT to Court on April 16th LET ISAAC POLLACK know that the COMMUNITY STANDS with Ms. Smith . Wear your #BrooklynIsNOTforSale or #DefendBrooklyn T-shirts or wear Black 9:30 am 141 Livingston St. Brooklyn, NY 11237 ROOM506.




Please sign  & circulate the petition to demand Isaac Hirsch & JIH Builders Stop the Evictions and Harassment of The Tenants of 693 Madison Street

We, the undersigned, are supporters of The 693 Madison Street Tenants Association and demand that Isaac Hirsch and JIH Builders cease all forms of tenant harassment.

JIH Builders has also used other illegal tactics of harassment to punish the remaining 693 Madison Street tenants in an effort to force them out of their apartments including:

  • Round the clock, non-stop construction on vacant apartments
  • The use of industrial paint with fumes so toxic that an ambulance had to be called for a grandmother and two children
  • Restricting access to the basement with a combination lock on the door so tenants are unable to check meter readings. As a result, the gas and electric bills are higher than average
  •  The incessant blaring of the roof door alarm day and night after a JIH Builders worker came to fix the broken door
  • Sending 30-day notices to vacate
  • Refusal to issue new leases
  • Daily calls telling the tenants they must move

We also call upon the community to contact Isaac Hirsch to tell him tenant harassment is a crime and that they must stop the mass evictions at 693 Madison Street: 

Isaac Hirsch

President and CEO

JIH Builders Group LLC

389 Willoughby Ave. Suite #207 

Brooklyn NY 11205

P. 718-522-2750 Ext. 101

F. 866-200-8530

C. 347-489-5479


We the undersigned stand with The 693 Madison Street Tenants Association and demand JIH Builders cease all tenant harassment and the mass evictions.

For more on the struggle: See Equality for Flatbush’s New Video: Support the 693 Madison Street Tenant Assoc against JIH Builders Group LLC (JIH):

Video shot and Edited by Nadeem Salaam of Elev Trax @elevtrtrax 

BEFORE IT’S GONE // TAKE IT BACK: Documenting Brooklyn – Fighting Gentrification is a Brooklyn-wide project of Equality for Flatbush 

#BedStuy, #Brooklyn #MYNYCLandlord #NoEvictionZone #Beforeitsgone #TakeitBack #JIHBuilders #693MadisonStreet #TenantsFightBack


#JusticeforMsElias Action Alert

Flood the NYC Department Of Buildingswith calls on behalf of Ms. Elias to demand the immediate  removal of work permits their department illegally granted M Remodeling Corporation for 438 Herkimer St.

Ask WHY has the Brooklyn Department has failed to uphold the rule of law? Ms. Elias has WON  2 “Stop Work Orders” in the Supreme Court against  M Remodeling Corporation. Why are they allowed to continue construction at  438 Herkimer St.?

Call Brooklyn Borough Office of Dept of Buildings 

210 Joralemon Street, 8th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Ira Gluckman, RA, Borough Commissioner
Kazimir Vilenchik, PE, Deputy Borough Commissioner
Reda Shehata, RA, Deputy Borough Commissioner

Borough Commissioner: (718) 802-3677 & (718) 802-3676

Borough Manager: (718) 802-3635

Customer Service: (718) 802-3675

TTY Number: (718) 802-4330


Fight #Gentrification in #BedStuy

#BlackHomeOwnersMatter  #JusticeForMsElias

#BeforeItsgone #TakeItBack


Looking for more videographers and editors to volunteer on

The BEFORE IT’S GONE // TAKE IT BACK (B4G) Tenant Harassment Documentation Team which is part of our ‪#‎NoEvictionZone‬ campaign.

Tenant Harassment RAMPANT & REAL! We are looking for more video and film folks to help get out the stories of courageous tenants standing up against their landlords in Brooklyn Housing Court or organizing their neighbors in their buildings. Have an idea for a project? — WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT!

To get involved or for more info : contact Equality for Flatbush at:

or call/text (646) 820-6039

VIDEO of Isaac Pollack disrupting the 8/8/17 meeting of The 332 Rutland Road Tenant Association

Equality for Flatbush calls for the ARREST of Racist Slumlord Isaac Pollack for Tenant Harassment
#ArrestIsaacPollack  #NoEvictionZone  #MYNYCLANDLORD  #TenantsFightBack #BLACKLIVESMATTER


The Brooklyn  Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) is a people of color-led, mass-based coalition of tenants, homeowners, block associations, anti-police brutality groups, legal and grassroots organizations working together to end the rampant gentrification and displacement of low to middle income residents of Brooklyn, New York. BAN was initiated by Equality for Flatbush in 2015.  To Get Involved Join The Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network – BAN Community List


The next Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network meeting is  4/2  at 7p  at the Solidarity Center 147 West 24th Street  -2nd floor Manhattan . Join us to help develop our 2018 campaigns including They Say We Say, anti-gentrification teach-ins, and more. Whose City? Our City!

Contact : or call/text (646) 820 -6039

For details on the next planning meeting :


Real Estate Watch is the E4F investigative Research Team that works to hold greedy landlords and developers accountable by providing information and tools to empower residents.

Current Real Estate Watch Campaigns

Equality for Flatbush’s Real Estate Watch creates Map of Properties Bought up by Predator Developer #OzoneDevelopment, LLC


We are in coalition with Movement To Protect the People (MTOPP)  and other groups against the Up-zoning of Empire Blvd


The intent of this initiative is to bring new residents together, building by building, block by block, in solidarity against the skyrocketing rents and property grabs by developers that is transforming our neighborhoods.

Contact us for information on how to get involved.


If you are a Brooklyn resident who is experiencing tenant or police harassment/repression please contact us immediately:
In English: (646)820-6039
En Español: (513) 445-8532
En Kréyol: (707) 200-3692

2273 Church Avenue

POB# 260123

Brooklyn, NY 11226

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