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Saturday, July 13th
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Why We’re Fighting

Everyone is talking about  — The rapid gentrification of Brooklyn.  Rents are going up, people are being displaced and small long-time mom and pop businesses are closing. Racial profiling and ticketing harassment due to Broken Windows policing grows worse every day.

Tenants, especially those who live in non-rent stabilized housing, homeowners and small business owners are at an unfair disadvantage because they do not have access to the same legal representation that landlords and developers do.  And seems like the NYPD is above the law and can do whatever they want in our neighborhoods without impunity.

Help Us Change This !

Equality for Flatbush had anti-displacement campaigns in 11 neighborhoods, including Bay Ridge, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Bushwick, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, East Flatbush, East New York, Flatbush, Prospect Heights/Underhill and Williamsburg, with literature in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Haitian Kreyol, Bangla, Spanish, French, and English. E4F created community campaigns stop the displacement of 4 small businesses and launched the #OurHomesAreNotForSale to continue to fight for Brooklyn homeowners.


In 2018, we want to take our organizing work to the next level by raising $50K to sustain our work! Buy an E4F gala ticket, reserve a table or purchase a program. You also become a monthly sustainer or make a one-time donation to Equality for Flatbush. Build the #DefendBrooklyn Fund!

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Yours in struggle

Imani Henry, Founder and Lead Organizer for Equality for Flatbush

The Equality for Flatbush (E4F) Leadership Team

Amanda Trainor, Administrative & Office Team  & Language Justice Team, joined E4F in 2016 after moving to Brooklyn in 2013. She is a textile artist currently involved in labor activism and the worker cooperative movement in New York City. 

Bruno Daniel, B4G Organizer & Flatbush/ East Flatbush Street Vendor Organizing member, immigrated to Brooklyn from Mexico City as a child and has since lived in Brooklyn for 28 years. He is a community organizer currently involved in the Bushwick anti-gentrification movement.

Caroline Friedman, Small Business Legal Coordinator,  is a worker-side labor attorney and protest legal observer.

Chris Black, Police Accountability Working Group and New Flatbush Resident Community Project Member, is a 2nd grade teacher in Manhattan. Originally from Texas, he moved to NYC in 2007 and has lived in Brooklyn since 2013.

Colin Kinniburgh, Co-Coordinator, Real Estate Watch & Member of the Administrative & Office Team, is a lifelong New Yorker and a resident of Flatbush since 2014. An editor at Dissent magazine by day, he has been active in a variety of housing, climate, and economic justice groups for the last five years.

Daliah Hellier, Fundraising Committee, is a policy researcher and consultant on public health issues related to social policy, including incarceration, drug use, and homelessness. She has been a resident of Brooklyn since 1994, and relocated to Flatbush in 2014 when she was priced out of Fort Greene, where she had lived for 16 years.

Deborah Secular, Administrative and Office Team and Fundraising Committee, is an educator living in Brooklyn. Originally from Washington, DC, she moved to NYC in 2013 and to Brooklyn in 2017, when she joined E4F. 

Dorla Alleyne, #OurHomesAreNotforSale Campaign Coordinator and Language Justice Team,  is a Bed-stuy homeowner who has lived in Brooklyn for 47 years.  Dorla is also an registered nurse who currently volunteers with The Emergency Medical Reserve Corps. In the past Dorla has volunteered with Neighborhood Housing Services in the Winsor Terrace and Kensington neighborhoods. Dorla is fluent in Spanish and has been working on E4F’s tenant organizing campaigns since January 2018.

Francesca Walker,  E4F Website Administrator was born and raised in Flatbush. She is also a social justice educator and a crisis counselor and volunteers her time coaching people through trauma, towards their highest potential.

Gretchen Begley, Language Justice Working Group Coordinator & Member of the Flatbush/ East Flatbush Street Vendor organizing campaign , is a Spanish-English interpreter and translator, as well as social worker, who is currently focusing her activism on language justice. She has lived between Brooklyn and Queens since 2005.


Haley Schwartz, Administrative & Office Team and Social Media Team, is a clinical social worker who works in the area of Teen Dating Violence. She began volunteering with Equality for Flatbush in 2015, in response to the rapid displacement and targeting of long-time Flatbush residents. As a third generation Brooklynite, Haley believes in the importance of keeping the borough accessible for working folks, and especially Caribbean and Black folks.

Judy Jones, E4F Tenant Leader, is a Registered Nurse and resident of Flatbush section of Brooklyn for 37 years. She is the Tenant Leader for three buildings located on Westbury Court, off Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, NY.

Katie Hydell, B4G Organizer & Administrative & Office Team, grew up in Island Park, Long Island. Her family is from Brooklyn and Queens. She joined E4F in 2014 after moving back to Brooklyn after living in Colorado for 6 years and realized that it was no longer affordable for working class people. Katie is a public middle school teacher in the Lower East Side is who watching many of her students’ families struggling with displacement and unstable housing as gentrification is now making it’s way south of Delancey.

Michael “Ziggy” Mintz, Co-Coordinator Real Estate Watch is a self-taught computer programer, who works on LittleSis.org. In 2014, with other community organizers, he helped launch the Bushwick Community Map, and continues to regularly do data analysis and research for grassroots organizations, lawyers, and non-profits. He used to live in Brooklyn, before moving to Jackson Heights, Queens, a few years ago.

Pooja Patel, general Core Member, is a Consumer and Tenant lawyer. She has lived in Flatbush and has volunteered with E4F since 2016. Outside of her job and E4F, Pooja serves on the Executive Committee of the New York City chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.

Soraya Palmer, E4F Organizer & New Flatbush Resident Community Project Coordinator, was born and raised in Flatbush. She loves her Caribbean people as well as the youth of Brooklyn that she works with everyday.

Tom Knight, E4F Video Strike Force, moved to New York City in 2010 to study film at the School of Visual Arts. He has been documenting tenant harassment since February 2017.

Uliya Yashtala, East Flatbush Cop Watch Team/PAW, Spanish Hotline Coordinator, moved to East Flatbush in Fall 2013 and joined Equality for Flatbush and the East Flatbush Cop Watch Team in an effort to give back to the community and fight back against displacement and racist violence.

Victor Moses, Administrative Coordinator, East Flatbush Cop Watch Team/ PAW & B4G Organizer is a lifelong resident and East Flatbush native of 28 years. A 2012 graduate of the HBCU, Morehouse College and is currently a graduate student of Public Administration at the City University of New York.

Here are all the ways people can GIVE TO E4F:

E4F’s Rapid Response Legal Fund :

https://www.gofundme.com/e4f-rapid-response-legal-fund-2018 #E4Fsues



General Support :

https://beforeitsgone.co/donate or https://www.paypal.me/EqualityforFlatbush



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Make out checks to “Equality for Flatbush” and mail to:

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Donate online at Picture The Homeless and designate your donation to Equality for Flatbush or make out checks to:

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What We’re Facing


Percent Increase in Brooklyn Rents Since the Year 2000


The Average Rent for a One-Bedroom Apartment in Brooklyn

The Number of New NYPD Cops  Added in 2016

How We Work

Under our three organizing areas; anti-police repression, affordable housing and anti-gentrification   Equality for Flatbush has 12 active campaigns

*  = Brooklyn-wide Campaign

**  =City-wide Campaign

Anti-Police Repression Work is Coordinated by E4F’s Police Accountability Working Group

  • Real Estate Watch is the E4F investigative Research Team that works to hold greedy landlords and developers accountable by providing information and tools to empower residents.**
  • Participating organization of The Empire Boulevard Study Group.  In coalition with Movement To Protect the People (MTOPP)  and other groups against the up-zoning of Empire Blvd
  • New Flatbush Resident Community Project

Ways You Can Help


Make a secure donation online through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to proceed.


Volunteers & Funds Needed:

From January 1st 2019 – March 1st 2019 E4F will be playing Organizational Catch-Up

Flatbush/East Flatbush Residents:

Join our TEXT Loop call or text: (646) 820-6039

OR add your email to The Equality for Flatbush Organizers and Members Organizing List : equality-for-flatbush-organizing-list@googlegroups.com

Brooklyn residents

Join The B4G Volunteers Gogglegroups:


Current E4F Working Groups/Teams to Join:

      To get involved with E4F: Email : flatbushequality@gmail.com or call /text (646) 820-6039

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