Equality for Flatbush (E4F) is a people of color-led, multi-national grassroots organization that does anti-police repression, affordable housing and anti-gentrification organizing in the Flatbush, East Flatbush and Brooklyn-wide.

Founded in June of 2013, Equality for Flatbush was created as a direct response to the increase in tenant and police harassment due to gentrification.  We have only 2 goals: to end NYPD murders and to stop the displacement of low to middle income people from our community.  We organize our communities for social change and justice through street outreach, social media campaigns, political advocacy and direct action. Fighting Oppression // Building Power!


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  • In response to the February 2017, uptick in ICE raids and presence in East Flatbush and  Flatbush, Brooklyn , we created How to document NYPD & ICE Harassment fact sheets in Bangla, Haitian Kreyol, Spanish and English
  • We filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for the records for 2016 deployment of personnel and equipment  for Caribbean Day Weekend
  • We created a Suggestions & Tactics as an Alternative to Calling 911 to prevent police murders of community member facing mental health and medical crisis after the murder of Dwayne Jeune at the Flatbush Gardens Apartments in June 2017
  • We participated in a national  #EyesOnICE webinar hosted by Immigrant Defense Project and WITNESS
  • We were active in supporting the families of Dwayne Jeune, Davonte Pressley, Kimani Gray, Kyam Livingston, Shantel Davis, Akai Gurley, and Delrawn Small.  We specifically raised  bail money and secured a new attorney for Davonte Pressley who survived being shot over 3 times by the NYPD on October 23rd, 2016. We also received a community service award from the family of Shantel Davis.
  • In partnership, with the Street Vendor Project of the Urban Justice Center, we launched a campaign that successfully decreased the racially profiling and the economic harassment of street vendors In Flatbush, Brooklyn.  The public campaign included an online and paper petition as well as a Spanish language film.
  • We initiated the Rapid Response Legal Fund to support bail for survivors of police violence and prevent them from going to Riker’s Island post-assault.
  • We participated in #SwipeItForward actions in Brooklyn to stop the arrests and targeting of poor and working class people of color who did not have the $2.75 fare to ride the MTA.
  • We continued collecting data for our NYPD checkpoint survey to offer a Brooklyn-wide data collection tool including all police-related traffic stops.
  • We conducted cop trainings and coordinated community patrols with the East Flatbush Cop Watch Team
  • We maintained 3 phone/email hotlines in  English, Spanish and Haitian Kreyol receiving between 2-4 calls per day from residents in need or crisis.
  • We strengthened our relationships  with Brooklyn Legal Services, Community Development Project, Brooklyn Legal Services Corp A and several private attorneys to work with rent-stabilized and low-income tenants.
  • We have updated and maintained an extensive NYC, national, and the global list of grassroots organizations involved in fighting gentrification, promoting tenant organizing, resisting police brutality, organizing migrant communities, and demanding an end to LGBTQ violence.
  • Through The Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network, E4F was part of the leadership of the 1st ever Brooklyn-wide March against Gentrification, Racism, & Police Violence on September 9th  that over 100 small businesses, community organizations, houses of worships and tenant associations endorsed.
  • We increased the community content of  BEFORE IT’S GONE // TAKE IT BACK: Documenting Brooklyn – Fighting Gentrification (B4G) website – the first social media platform devoted to fighting gentrification in Brooklyn.
  • We organized over 22 “No Eviction Zones”campaigns in 9 neighborhoods in Brooklyn  including Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Bushwick, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, East Flatbush,  East New York,  Flatbush, Park Slope, and Prospect Heights and with literature in  Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Haitian Kreyol, Bangla, Spanish and English. We have been able to win repairs, obtain new appliances, stop evictions, build a ramp, win $4500 in damages for a homeowner and save a beloved Caribbean bakery all through public direct action campaigns
  • We initiated the Rapid Response Legal Fund to provide trusted lawyers for free / or low cost for Brooklyn tenants, homeowners, and small businesses.
  • We increased our capacity to outreach to small businesses, by translating our materials into Korean and Chinese
  • The B4G Tenant Harassment Documentation Team, comprised filmmakers who create over 20 new videos documenting the struggles of Brooklyn tenants, homeowners, small businesses fighting displacement

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Equality for Flatbush (E4F) is a resident-led and volunteer-run organization doing anti-police repression and anti-gentrification organizing in the communities of East Flatbush, Flatbush and Brooklyn-wide.


We have only two goals – to end NYPD murders and to stop the displacement of low to middle income people from our community.

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If you are a Brooklyn resident who is experiencing tenant or police harassment/repression please contact us immediately:
In English: (646)820-6039
En Español: (513) 445-8532
En Kréyol: (707) 200-3692

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